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Making Footwear Purchases Easy!

Shope’s Shoes in Shelby, NC, is passionate about shoes and ensuring every person gets the proper fit and type of shoe. In fact, safety on the jobsite is one of our top priorities, which is why we offer such an amazing selection of safety shoes and boots.

But we’ve made it even easier for companies to ensure their employees get the proper footwear for their job.

We offer programs for companies who establish an account with us. For example, employees come to us to purchase their required footwear – such as safety shoes or boots – and we bill the company monthly. We offer discounts for companies who utilize our store for all their safety footwear needs.

In addition, if you establish a corporate account with us, you have access to our mobile shoe store! We’ll come to your company, office or worksite and fit all your employees for safety shoes or boots. Our mobile shoe store is a fast and convenient way to guarantee your employees have the proper footwear they need.

There are numerous ways to establish and use an account with us. We can customize our service to suit all your corporate needs.

Take advantage of all the benefits to opening a corporate account with Shope’s Shoes. Your employees’ feet will thank you!

Contact us today at 704-482-8653 for more information about establishing a corporate account.